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One Great Resume
We are enthusiastic about every client we have. No forms to fill out, no hoops to jump through. You work with a real, live resume writer who speaks to you right over the phone and works with you over email. The result is a resume that is crafted for your situation that brings out your unique talents.
  • Why 6 seconds?
    Employers receive dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes for each job posting. That’s a lot of resumes to read! Studies have shown that the first time a resume is read, the reader spends an average of 6 seconds with the resume before deciding whether it is accepted or rejected. At One Great Resume, your resume is designed to make a positive impression as soon as possible. In the top half of the first page, we showcase: All your contact information, including a link to your LinkedIn profile Your customized Elevator Speech, featuring: o Your profession o Length of service o Industries you’ve worked in o What makes you different and better o The areas you specialize in Your keywords that focus on your skills Your educational profile Your most recent position With One Great Resume, employers won’t need to search through your document to learn about you. You’ll make a great impression fast and up front, in an easy-to-read format.
  • What makes a One Great Resume resume different?
    Your resume from One Great Resume will be a well-organized business document that gives the reader what they need in a crisp, clean, and easy-to-navigate fashion. At One Great Resume, we believe: Your resume’s job is to get you an interview, not the job itself. Your resume is your marketing document. It will follow you throughout each interview cycle. The best resumes are two pages long at most. Resume readers appreciate concise resumes. Most employers are only interested in your last 10 years of employment. The only reason to go back further is to show longevity in your field. Graphic elements on resumes distract from the information provided. The flow of the information will lead the reader to where they need to go. Achievements are best described with numbers. We quantify your achievements to show how big of an impact you made in your past roles and gives an insight into the value you bring.
  • Why 3 rounds of edits?
    One Great Resume provides up to 3 rounds of edits on resumes, cover letters, etc. More than 95% of One Great Resume clients are fully satisfied with their resume after one or two rounds of edits. Other resume providers offer unlimited editing. We feel that’s nothing more than a marketing ploy. At One Great Resume, we want your resume done correctly as soon as possible so our clients can focus on getting their next job.
  • What’s the key to a great cover letter?
    Most people do not include a cover letter when applying for a job, which is unfortunate for them because they’re foregoing an opportunity to make a positive impact. If you include a cover letter, congratulations! You already look like a more serious applicant than someone who doesn’t. One Great Resume cover letters follow many guidelines to ensure maximum impact: Like resumes, cover letters are concise and to the point. The text is light and easy to read. We stick with conversational language that is easy to read and understand. Cover letters are easily customized to the position, the company, and no more than 3 bullet-pointed reasons why you are an excellent candidate for the job.
  • What makes a LinkedIn profile stand out?
    The vast majority of LinkedIn profiles are incomplete, unprofessional, or just plain wrong. This is great news for you because having a truly professional LinkedIn profile definitely makes you stand out from the crowd! We make LinkedIn profiles better by ensuring these points are correct: Your headline contains your functional keywords that help recruiters find you. Your headline should NOT be your current title! There is a unique background image that is applicable to you or your profession. There is a summary that briefly and professionally describes you and what you are looking for. The Experience and Education sections match your resume. Beyond these areas, you can improve your own LinkedIn profile by adding to your connections, sending and receiving recommendations, and remaining active on LinkedIn posts.
  • What do I get with Interview Training?
    Interviews are won and lost by the answers you give to the interview questions. With One Great Resume interview training, we hold a mock phone interview focusing on the interview questions you have a hard time answering. First, we identify the top 10 interview questions that you need to work on. We provide a long list of sample interview questions, but you are not limited to these questions. We then schedule a mock interview time when we will conduct an interview. We’ll focus on your chosen questions as well as some other common interview questions as well. After, we’ll review your answers, outlining where things went well and where you need some help. With Interview Training from One Great Resume, we’ll ensure your interview is as impressive as your resume!
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